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Rootles - Beetroot & White Chocolate

Just when you were getting used to carrot and sweet potato in a biscuit, we’ve brought out Rootles with WHITE chocolate and BEETROOT. They might sound like chalk and cheese but they go together like cookies and cream.

Rootles White Chocolate is a healthy snack of 3 light crispy white chocolate covered biscuits, containing over 35% vegetables (beetroot and sweet potato), just 121 calories per pack and high in fibre.

Rootles are low calorie healthy biscuits and are a low calorie treat for when you need something to keep you going – morning, afternoon or evening!

These low sugar snacks are a healthy alternative to most biscuits and are high in fibre too. There is absolutely no palm oil in a Rootles biscuit.

 (12 x 27g)

Rootles - Beetroot & White Chocolate