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Zingi Bear - Organic Ginger Switchel

 Founder Laurie is all about flavour. A trained cheesemaker and brewer, he is obsessed with great tasting food and drink. A few years wiser, and several rounds later, he seeked a healthier alternative treat, one that still hit the spot - the only problem was what? 

Soft drinks have needed to up their game for some time, so we started playing with the best natural and organic ingredients to create something special that did just that.


Made in the UK, using only the best ORGANIC ingredients:

Pressed ginger root, Apple cider vinegar + the mother, Lemon juice, Acacia honey, Acerola cherry powder & A Touch of sea salt


Whilst having a lot of fun experimenting / fermenting / blending / brewing, we discovered an old-school style of drink called a 'switchel' - A super thirst-quenching beverage, once drunk by thirsty farmers as an elixir by day, and then as a mixer for spirits by night. This is what we had been searching for! All the flavours sat so well together - a zing from the apple cider vinegar, backed-up by ginger and lemon, then rounded out with honey. 


'Zingi Bear' (from the latin for ginger 'zingiber' - and how we thought it sounded) is our take on that drink. Made with responsibly sourced organic ingredients - taste first / no compromises. 

Some even say "THE CHAMPAGNE OF GINGER BEERS" - this is what the Great Taste judges had to say - 

“This delicately coloured switchel is really appealing, in its colour, level of carbonation and mild gingery apple aroma. It’s clean, bright and refreshing. It cleverly brings little bursts of different flavours, all of them working together to make a rounded and fabulous drink, that matches sweetness and acidity beautifully. The ginger is carefully balanced to bring a slight element of heat whilst the apple and honey add crispness and sweetness without mutual obliteration. Really delicious and very moreish...well done!”

Zingi Bear - Organic Ginger Switchel